Leak Detection

Gas and Water Leak Detection

Equipm3There are different techniques in detecting slab water and gas leaks and Fix All Plumbing can find these leaks for you using electronic leak detection and service them for a safer more cost effective home.

A pinhole or slab leak is not an isolated incident.  A single leak is the first symptom of a failing water system.  In the past, as a property owner or manager, your options have been limited.  It is important to know your problem won’t be solved by spending thousands of dollars just repairing pinholes and slab leaks.

gasleakdetectorThe Fix All Plumbing system is the permanent solution.  Fix All Plumbing restores your pipes right in the walls!  The savings can be dramatic.

leak-det-1Electronic Leak Location & Identification

Non-destructive electronic capacitance underground leak detection service and electrical capacitance testing can quickly and accurately identify water entry pathways and areas of entrapped water within a roof construction. Used individually or in combination these techniques can be used as quality control on new projects or investigations prior to remedial works where they can offer significant cost savings over complete roof refurbishment or remove any liability for damage.

leak-det-2Fix All Plumbing specializes in cost effective, comprehensive, accurate Electronic leak detection surveys to identify leaks on most roof areas, balconies, gutters, etc that have a water ingress problem using hi tech electronic leak detection equipment. This not only eliminates expensive re roofing costs as only the identified leaks need be repaired.eliminates the guesswork from maintenance but also eliminates expensive re roofing costs as only the identified leaks need be repaired.