Nu Flow Pipe Re-Lining

Pipe re-lining services

Fix All Plumbing offers Nu Flow’s epoxy pipe lining, trenchless drain and sewer repair the best quality products and services at the lowest cost. Water system restoration for everyone from public municipalities and corporate structures to single family homeowners. Nu Flow’s trenchless technology means less time, less mess, and long-lasting affordable results. Nu Flow provided by Fix All Plumbing is the only solution to all your inside infrastructure needs.

What We Find And Repair


Trenchless Technology is a cost-effective alternative to traditional dig methods of sanitary pipe replacement (the lines that go to your sewer), but still offers the structural strength of new pipe.

it-just-makes-senseThese techniques keep digging to a minimum, saving home and business owners the mess, lost time and reconstruction costs of digging up root infested or other wise blocked pipes.

The repair works a lot like a stent would in heart surgery” A rubber bladder covered with an epoxy impregnated felt liner is pulled into place over the broken portion of the pipe. The bladder is inflated causing the liner to conform to the shape of the pipe. The liner hardens in a few hours and the bladder is removed to leave a brand new pipe-within-a-pipe.

Keep Your Home Clean


Using the widely recognized Nu Flow “Pull-in-Place” method of relining. This technology is more versatile than other methods like inversion and allows Nu Flow installers to line pipes that other companies walk away from.

Nu Flow ProcesĀ 

Nu Flow’s system gives the homeowner a cost-effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement, but still offers the structural of new pipe. These techniques keep digging to a minimum, which will save you time and money. The roots are removed and a repair is placed over the damaged area. This sleeve is cured and the bladder removed, leaving a new pipe inside the old one with very little diameter loss.


Before you let someone dig up you lawn or smash the floors of your home, give us a call, There are alternatives, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

re-line-10No Mess, No Digging, No Destruction

Nu Flow’s quick and clean relining procedure has your plumbing back in service in hours, NOT days!

Under slab leaks are repaired remotely, no damage to your floors!

Nu Flow’s Drain Service can handle diameter transitions, multiple 45 and 90 degree bends, areas of void pipe and anything else your sewer can throw at it!

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Drain Pipe Rehabilitation Services

Examples of rehabilitation Drain Pipes.
Notice the Blue “Pipe within a Pipe” that stops root intrusion permanently while adding structural integrity to even a severely damaged drain pipe.



re-line-6Save Time And Money With Nu Flow’s Trenchless Pipe Restoration System.

Nu Flow trenchless drain lining systems give the homeowner a cost effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement but still offer the structural strength of new pipe. Nu Flow’s patented systems allow our technicians to replace underground pipe without disturbing any surface materials such as:


Watch a video that shows how the Nu Flow process is done.

Driveways, Landscaping, Porches, Sidewalks, Floors, Electrical & gas lines, Water lines (no locates), Roadways, Parking Lots