Sewer Tap

Fix All Plumbing Taps the Main Sewer Line for New Construction in the Glassell Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles


Fix All Plumbing taps a main sewer line to bring sewer service to the property line of a new home construction in a hillside neighborhood four miles north of downtown Los Angeles. Fix All Plumbing owner, John (right), poses with a worker at the trench.


After ascertaining the location of underground pipes, a ten foot trench is dug from the property line to the sewer main. Workers carefully remove earth around a water main as well as a smaller pipe found nearby to prepare for the sewer installation in Los Angeles.


After the trench is finished workers install safety jacks to support the trench walls. Workers remove additional dirt by hand to provide access to the sewer main and a straight run to the property line.






In this case, the city sewer main is made of PVC pipe. The sewer main is cut and a flange is fitted to the main creating the new sewer tap.

The fitting is sealed with epoxy and encased in concrete.